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Why You Should Choose Ownnex

Ownnex knows the industry. We ensure that all local, stand, and national rules and regulations are followed throughout the entire process. This is just another way that we take care of our customers. Whether you are in the same town or across the globe, we ensure your transaction is a simple process without any difficulties. This is another prime example of why using Ownnex makes the buying process simple and transparent while protecting your assets.

Ownnex is years ahead of the standard real estate purchasing and selling models. A low 1.5% platform access fee to sellers is all it takes to get started. What are you waiting for? Step outside of your norm, take Ownexx for a spin, and see what the future has in store for you.

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Faster Payout

$ 3,200,000 Ownnex directly matches buyers looking for real estate with the sellers. No middlemen here. By allowing you to skip the complicated real estate eco system, Ownnex puts you in full control. From initial listing to final closing, Ownnex will provide you with a new-fou [more]

Local Contractors For Home Inspection

Ownnex thoroughly vets both seller and buyer, using exhaustive processes to ensure a smooth process throughout for all parties. We have insurance protection and full inspection report for the properties you want to purchase are what they claim to be. To be listed on [more]

Taking care of the funds

You can even determine how you want to be paid. It can be either a tokenized asset (cryptocurrency) or have the funds wired directly! You are in control. The closing process with Ownnex is straightforward. You will receive your funds in a quicker, safer, more transp [more]

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